How to reset my PC?

Re-set & Restart. Goes into keyboard layout,advance options,start repair (couldn’t repair pc),advance options press advance options unable to repair. Try settings instead (Troubleshoot > Reset this PC) How do I get into this screen.

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    3-2-20 says:

    It is not uncommon for Windows users to encounter errors even when trying to fix the PC. Luckily there are several different methods you can do this - so at least one of them might work for you.

    If you cannot boot into Windows, you could try an automatic repair option. For that, you can simply interrupt the boot process three times in a row, and you will be automatically taken to the repair process.

    1. When Windows logo shows up during booting, press and hold the Power button for at least 3 seconds - this will reboot the system.
    2. Do this two more times, and you will end up in an automatic repair environment.

    In case Automatic repair fails, you can boot into Safe Mode:

    1. Press Advanced settings from the two options you are given after Windows fails to repair your PC.
    2. Select Startup Settings
    3. Press on "Enable Safe Mode" (or you can press 4 or F4on your keyboard)
    5. The PC will reboot in Safe Mode. From there, you can try to reset your PC once again.

    If you can find all the detailed instructions in our "How to reset Windows 10 to factory settings?" article.

    Good luck

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