Should I Install Windows 10 Update KB4033637?

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Issue: Should I Install Windows 10 Update KB4033637?

Something‘s fishy with the Windows 10 Update KB4033637. There is no description about the purpose of the update nor what flaw it is actually oriented. Do you know what it patches ‘cause there is no information about it on the Web?

Solved Answer

Windows 10 Update KB4033637 is the system update issued by Microsoft that caused a lot of problems when it was released. Naturally, more tech-savvy users got concerned about the secrecy enshrouding the update. What is more, its functionality raises doubts as well. Some users, who reported having installed the suggested update, said that it caused regular system breakdowns and freeze-ups.

However, the company did not issue an official explanation about the Update KB4033637. It is expected to deliver it soon due to still lingering dissatisfaction due to the Windows 10 upgrade strategy. On the other hand, after discontent users under the protection of a consumer protection group issue a lawsuit against Microsoft unfair upgrade strategy.[1]

Their dissatisfaction with the update KB4033637 is evident taking into the account that the company declared the upgrade to be without charge only to clarify later that it would cost money. In response, Microsoft declared not to employ such an active marketing strategy again.

Should I install Windows update KB4033637 

Microsoft Surface users may only second the opinion of the mentioned users. The study revealed that 25% of the branded products are likely to cause their owners’ system failures after using them approximately 2 years.

Certainly, the company needs time, human as well as technical resources to significantly improve their production and earn users’ trust again. The case of WannaCry, which succeeded in wreaking major havoc in the global cyberspace, also fosters such assumptions.[2]

On the other side, it is commendable that Microsoft maintains an open attitude towards criticism. After the arrival of Windows 10, there have been still multiple reports about the existing bugs and system errors.[3] Various Windows 10 update issues

2018 Update:

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Microsoft issued an explanation for this incident regarding KB4033637 and stated:

This update includes diagnostic and functional improvements for determining the applicability of updates in Windows 10 Version 1607. The files and resources in this update ensure that feature updates are installed seamlessly to improve the reliability and security of Windows 10

Following the report, Microsoft released a few new bug-free versions of Windows updates. If you haven't checked those out, you can install a more recent update of the operating system but check if there are no complains about it on the internet.

Fix for Update KB4033637 and its issues

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Note that some ransomware threats disguise under Windows updates. Usually, such an update may occur after you open a shady email attachment or download a tool from a dubious source. Beware of such deception. Keep your security software updated. Reimage is one of the tools lowering the chance of encountering malware.

In case the system already installed corrupted KB4033637, and you haven't got the more recent update yet, you can uninstall the mentioned update via Uninstall updates function in the Windows update section in the Settings.

Windows update settings 

Since the issue is fixed and there are various other updates, you should opt for the more recent one that is bug-free.

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