Windows 10 Creator’s Update will bring in Game Mode to boost gaming performance

Windows 10 Creator’s Update will bring in Game Mode to boost gaming performance snapshot

The improvement of the gaming experience for gamers was always one of the biggest goals of Microsoft. Therefore, it’s not surprising that Windows OS has and is considered to be the best platform for playing games. Despite being well-honored, Microsoft doesn’t seem to be stopping and is presenting a pack of gaming-improving features in Windows 10 build 10. The Creators Update upcoming this spring will exhibit a separate Gaming settings bar where people will be able to customize the gaming environment and performance. One of the options available on Gaming bar eagerly awaited by PC gaming enthusiasts is Game Mode, which is an entirely new feature on Windows 10 OS.

The easiest way to describe Gaming Mode is to compare it to the game booster apps offered by third parties and Xbox One. The variety of game booster software is wide and probably the majority of devoted gamers know at least several different programs. Besides, the principle of Gaming Mode resembles Xbox One, meaning that when the game is launched, system’s resources are allocated in a way to provide as much GPU and CPU on a Game Mode enabled process as possible. Once the mode is enabled, the system will create a frame rate, which will prevent system’s resources from leaking to system’s processes. While skeptics doubt if Gaming Mode will not be impeding multitasking, Microsoft says that none of the system’s processes will be blocked when the game will be running in the background or closed.

Another question related to Game Mode circulating around the Internet is related to the games that the new feature will be supporting. Unfortunately, but it’s not yet clear whether it’s going to support games on Microsoft Store only. Nevertheless, Microsoft has already stated the fact that game developers won’t have to add extra features to their games to get Game Mode support as the feature will be enabled by default at a system level. Moreover, the feature will be enabled by default for the games that have passed profound testing, for example, UWP and win32 games.

The internal builds will be able to test Game Mode in the near weeks, but the first version for all users will become available with the Windows 10 Build 15019. If you are one of the gaming fans, the do not delay installation of the Build 15019 and check how Game Mode improves your gaming experience. To enable this new feature, you will have to click Win key + G and select Settings. In the Settings window, you will be able to shift a running game into the Game Mode.

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