0x80070002 – 0x20009 safe_os prepare_rollback error

0x20009 safe_os prepare_rollback

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    UGetFix.com says:

    The 0x80070002- 0x2000 error occurs during the upgrade process of the Windows operating system version, which prevents the process from being complete.

    The 0x80070002- 0x2000 error is highly related to the storage devices on your computer. Many users reported that removing the external storage units, such as the hard drive or optical drive.

    If that did not help you fix the 0x80070002- 0x2000 error, you could try the following solutions:

    1. Stop the Windows Update Service
    2. Restart Windows Update Service
    3. Remove temporary update files
    4. Check if the date and time is correct

    For more information on how to perform these steps, please visit our
    How to Fix Windows 10 Update Error Code 0x80070002? article.

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