Windows asking for activation

Hi, i did as instructed to deactivate sppsvc now my windows is asking for activation, what do i do?

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    12-9-19 says:

    This is interesting because we never prompted users to deactivate or remove the Sppsvc.exe file. We specifically stated that it is not the correct way to handle Sppsvc.exe high CPU issues:

    "NOTE: We have noticed that various blogs are offering people to remove the sppsvc.exe file, which is NOT appropriate. Sppsvc.exe is an integral part of Windows OS, removal of which may lead to Windows activation problems."

    If you removed or deactivated sppsvc.exe, you will have to either copy it from another computer (do not download it from the internet, as it might not work or be infected) or install a new copy of Windows.

    If you need help with the reinstallation process, please check our How to Reinstall Windows 10 Without Losing Files? article.

    Good luck

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