How to Fix “Microsoft RDN/Trojan/worm!055bcc1319645 Infection” Pop-Up?

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Issue: How to Fix “Microsoft RDN/Trojan/worm!055bcc1319645 Infection” Pop-Up?

Today Edge brought me an alert regarding “Microsoft RDN/Trojan/worm!055bcc1319645 infection.” I said that all personal information available on my computer is at risk and I have to call the # 1-888-660-1755 to prevent crooks from accessing my PC. The page was locked, so I did not do anything, but took another device and immediately reported about this problem on various forums and blogs. Unfortunately, no one responded yet, but I really need someone’s help!

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Solved Answer

Do not call the number provided on the “Microsoft RDN/Trojan/worm!055bcc1319645” alert. Such and similar pop-up alerts, except those brought by a professional anti-malware, anti-spyware or another security utility, displayed on a web browser shouldn’t be trusted. Contrary, error messages like “Microsoft RDN/Trojan/worm!055bcc1319645” are rather dangerous as they often trick inexperienced PC users into calling the given numbers and falling into the snare of cyber criminals.

Technically, the “Microsoft RDN/Trojan/worm!055bcc1319645” error is referred as a Tech-Support-Scam. Its purpose is to intimidate PCs’ owners and prompt them to call for the pretend-to-be Microsoft-certified technicians. In this case, crooks exploit various psychological strategies to scare people into thinking that the current PC is infected with a sever computer infection and that the only chance to prevent loss of credit card details, passwords, log-ins, browsing data or even personal files like pictures and videos, the PC user has to pay for the remote technical support service. The required sum of money usually varies from $100 to $200.

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If you have already dialed the # 1-888-660-1755 number, which was given on the “Microsoft RDN/Trojan/worm!055bcc1319645” tech-support-scam alert, please hang up and do not contact with the impostors anymore. What they really seek is to extort your PC’s credentials and connect to it remotely. Consequently, they could steal whatever they want as long as you would not remove the virus.

It has been found that the crooks that are related with the “Microsoft RDN/Trojan/worm!055bcc1319645” are located in India, but claims that they’re from NY. Besides, they ask to pay $ 150 for a virus-removal service. Hopefully, you have neither dialed the # 1-888-660-1755 number, not paid the required sum of money. If you are currently locked with the “Microsoft RDN/Trojan/worm!055bcc1319645” error on Chrome, Firefox or any other web browser, we will explain what steps should be taken to remove the rogue support alert permanently.

“Microsoft RDN/Trojan/worm!055bcc1319645” scam occurs due to adware infection

The “Microsoft RDN/Trojan/worm!055bcc1319645” scam is not a virus itself. It's an advertising platform that is distributed as a part of adware-type programs. Thus, to remove the fake alert from your web browser, you will have to delete the adware and reset your web browser. In some rare cases, this scam may be triggered by compromised web domains, for example, porn sites, gambling sites, shaddy online shopping sites, and other illegam domains. In this case, you should stay away from those domains or install a more powerful anti-malware tool with a real-time protection function.

Fixing “Microsoft RDN/Trojan/worm!055bcc1319645” error

If your web browser's screen is stuck with the scam alert, press Ctrl + Alt + Del and open Task Manager. Open Processes tab and find your web browser's process. Click it and choose End Task. NOTE: the next time you open the browser, DO NOT restore the last browsing session.

The most appropriate way to remove the adware completely, and other dangerous or unwanted third-party apps, from the system is to run a full system scan with a professional anti-malware. Our recommendation is Reimage, but you are free to choose another security tool.

If, however, you opt for manual “Microsoft RDN/Trojan/worm!055bcc1319645” virus removal, please follow these steps:

  1. Open Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features > Add/Remove Programs (Windows 7, XP).
    or Right-click on Win key > select Control Panel > Uninstall a Program (Windows 8, 10).
  2. Carefully check what programs have been recently installed. The best way to do that is to sort the programs by date. Select unknown programs and click Uninstall. To confirm the removal, click OK/Uninstall.

IMPORTANT: regardless of “Microsoft RDN/Trojan/worm!055bcc1319645” adware removal method (manual or automatic), you will have to reset your web browser manually.

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Mozilla Firefox
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