How to fix missing icons on windows 10?

how to fix missing icons on windows 10

all icons disappear from screen and cant recover

after starting computer, icons appear, but after about 5 seconds screen goes blank

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    9-27-19 says:

    Icons missing for the desktop can be a pretty frustrating issue, as users cannot reach the desired programs via the shortcuts. Therefore, you should take your time and fix this annoying issue once and for all.

    Although there can be many reasons for the missing icons on Windows problem to appear, most commonly users jump into the tablet mode without noticing it. Therefore, this is the first thing you should check via the Notification prompt.

    However, there might be other reasons for this occurrence, so you should then try to clean your icon cache, check the visibility of desktop icons, temporarily disable anti-virus, and, also, scan your computer for malware, as it can initiate various changes that can corrupt normal operation of Windows.

    To find out how to perform these and other steps, please check this and this article.

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