How to Recover Microsoft Word Documents?

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Issue: How to Recover Microsoft Word Documents?

Hello, everyone. I need someone to help recover my Word file ASAP. At the moment, I’m struggling with my BA thesis, which has to be done this Friday. A half of an hour my PC crashed due to the electricity problems and the worst thing is that the word document with BA was opened. Now I can’t open it due to the “Microsoft Office cannot open this file because some parts are missing or invalid” error. For some unknown reason, autosave was disabled, and I did not know that!!! I did not touch anything after that because I’m afraid to lose my work. Could you please help to recover the file?

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Microsoft Word is a word processing application. It was developed in 1981, and since then millions of people used it on a daily basis. Although there are alternative tools, Microsoft Word remains the most popular word processing program with the huge number of downloads. Usually, Word documents contain valuable information, which is why Microsoft seeks to keep Word functioning smoothly. Unfortunately, just like any application, Microsoft Word crashes, and some of the files may become corrupt. The culprit of the corruption may be a virus infection or the system’s crash/power loss. The latter variant is most frequent and may lead to errors like the following:

“The file is corrupt and cannot be opened.”
“Microsoft Office cannot open this file because some parts are missing or invalid.”

That could mean that the Word document got corrupted due to improper saving or closing. There are other data corruption causes, but in most of the cases, it is possible to recover the file or at least to minimize the loss. Unfortunately, if your PC forcefully shut downed due to the power loss, it might have been curtailed and hard to recover. Nevertheless, if you can’t open a Word file and need it desperately, you can always try the following MS Word file recovery methods.

PRO TIP: Currently, MS Word has an AutoSaving feature. If enable, it will ensure that the document is saved every few seconds; thus, minimizing the risk of experiencing the loss of data.

Method 1. Use Microsoft Word Repair tool

Microsoft Word Repair is an inbuilt tool, which can be launched by following these steps:

  1. Start Microsoft Word.
  2. Open “File” and select “Open.”
  3. Find the file that has been corrupted and click it.
  4. Click the “Open” button and select “Open and Repair.”

Method 2. Recover text only

If you cannot recover everything from the corrupted document, at least, try to restore text. Although you will lose images and formatting, a long and important text recovery would minimize the loss to the minimum:

  1. Launch Microsoft Word.
  2. Open “File” and select “Open.”
  3. Find the file that has been corrupted and click it.
  4. Select “All Files” and click on “Recover Text From Any File (*)” option from the drop-down menu.
  5. Click “Open” and save the file to the new location.

Method 3. Use Notepad to save text

This method will help you to recover the text only. Although that’s not the best solution, it’s better to recover at least something than nothing, isn’t it?

  1. Find the Word document you cannot open.
  2. Right-click on it and select “Open with.”
  3. Click “Choose default program” and select “Other Programs.”
  4. Pick out Notepad and uncheck the “Always use the selected program to open this kind of file” box.
  5. Click “OK” to save the option and check if the text from the corrupted Word document has successfully been transferred to Notepad.
  6. If it’s there, copy the text and paste it into a new word document.

Method 4. Install a third-party tool

Check the Internet for recovery tools that can recover corrupted Word files. Before downloading it, make a research on it and make sure to download it from a reliable source.

Method 5. Remove virus

In case your PC has been infected with a virus, for example, the one that encrypts files, you will have to remove the virus first and then try to decrypt the damaged Word file. First of all, remove the virus with a professional anti-malware, say Reimage. After that, check this article to find data recovery methods.

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