How to terminate referral spam?


Issue: How to terminate referral spam?

My Google Analytics displays altered stats. A couple of month I’ve noticed a massive flow of visitors from a questionable domain named as I’ve tried visiting it, but the exact domain does not exist as far as I understand because each time I’m redirected to unknown websites. Could you please tell me how this activity should be stopped?

Solved Answer is yet another referral spam, which has been added to millions of Google Analytics referral traffic these days using automated scripts. Therefore, if you have noticed an inconceivable increase of visitor’s traffic to your website via domain, your Google Analytics account has become a victim of referral spam and the results of the statistics, mildly saying, are not accurate.

Over the past two years, people have started strange things happening on Google Analytics inducing the owners of websites to question the credibility of the statistics and Google ranking in general. Cyber crooks have invented a new spam technique, known as known as a Ghost Spam or Ghost Traffic, which fools Google Analytics’ users and prompts them to visit unreliable websites. It uses the Measurement Protocol to send fictitious traffic to various Google Analytics properties; thereby distorting the actual statistics. The purpose of this deceitful activity is to increase the traffic of Vitaly Popov’s website and earn the profit this way. While ghost traffic is not harmful to the site or Google ranking, referral spam and its alterations modify Analytics statistic, so it might be difficult to perceive the real status of your website and its rank. On top of that, there is no guarantee that the website that the referral is set to promote is not infectious.

How to terminate referral spam?

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In a nutshell, if you have noticed a high visitor’s traffic from domain, do not get intrigued and do not try to access it as you will be rerouted to a suspicious domain. Be aware of the fact that a 100% bounce rate is not typical for human beings, so massive visits from a doubtful domain might indicate a computer-based activity. To block spam on your Analytics statistics, you have to initiate several alterations on your Google Analytics account. First of all, change filter pattern, modify HTTP settings, and change language filter.

Step 1. Change Filter Pattern

  1. Go to Admin -> All Filters. Then go to New Filter and type in the Filter Name box.
  2. Select Custom Filter Type, then choose Campaign Source from the drop-down Filter Field menu.
  3. Eventually, in the Filter Pattern field, enter and click Save.

Step 2. Alter HTTP settings

  1. Sign in to cPanel account, navigate to File Manager section, and click on the checkbox called Document Root for -> your website.
  2. Click on Show Hidden Files and click Go. Once you locate the .htacess file, right-click on it and choose Code Edit. Enter the following text ant click Save Changes.

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} [NC,OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER}
RewriteRule .* – [F]

Step 3. Modify Language filter

  1. In your Analytics account, go to Admin Tab.
  2. Click VIEW, select Filters and then hit +Add Filter.
  3. In the Filter Name box, type: Language Spam.
  4. In the Filter Pattern box, type in: \s[^\s]*\s|.{15,}|\.|,
  5. Click on Verify this Filter, then Save.

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