How to uninstall “Share Code SD333 to the Agent to Fix This”?

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Issue: How to uninstall “Share Code SD333 to the Agent to Fix This”?

Recently, when I‘m browsing I keep noticing this message called as “share code to the agent to fix this.“ I suppose, it is a virus, isn‘t it? Still…not quite sure. Could you shed light on it?

Solved Answer


The Share Code SD333 to the Agent to Fix This is none other than tech support scam. Unfortunately, there are many more of similar scams, for example, 1-844-324-6233 tech support scam virus. In other words, they are well-designed deceptions which target credulous users. The members of the virtual community, who are not aware of cyber marketing schemes, might not even have the slightest idea that there is a wide range of similar scams. Alerts about blocked computer or the data, which is about to get deleted, instantly cause big frustration or even panic for some users. However, you can distinguish such scams quite easily. All of them demand to fill a survey or call a specific number. In this regard, the messages of this scam encourage you to call 0800-090-3285. What is more, it contains obvious grammar mistakes.

Don’t Restart Your Computer

Windows Detected ALUREON Virus, The Infections detected, indicate some recent downloads on the computer which in turn has created problems on the computer. Call Toll Free : 0800-090-3285 and share this code SD333 to the Agent to Fix This.

However, when you call it, the supposed technician won’t solve any issues as simply there are none. In relation to this, you might be persuaded into purchasing the utility which you do not need. Otherwise, the program may only disable the alerts of the malware which keeps generating fake notifications. Alternatively, you may run into a real virus roaming on the Internet. In order to reduce the risks of a hijack, take a look at the recommended solutions.

Option 1. Eliminating the malware

When it comes to malicious elements, it is better to install malware removal utility to clean the device. For that purpose, Reimage comes in handy. In comparison with anti-virus utilities, anti-spyware programs may be better apt in finding PUPs, such as adware. Tech support scams often sneak into the device in the disguise of a browser toolbar or plug-in along with free applications. Therefore, whether you download the program from a legitimate application or a secondary source, be vigilant in the installation process. When it is initiated, opt for “Custom” settings.

Option 2. Remove the scam from Chrome

Open Google Chrome and click three horizontal lines (“More actions”) in the top right corner, expand More Tools and then choose Extensions.

  1. Find any suspicious extension and click Disable and remove it by clicking the Recycle Bin icon.
  2. Check the URL address for any suspicious entries in Open a specific page or set of pages function.
  3. If you spot any unwanted links, click x sign.
  4. Now return to the main settings windows and click Manage search engines under the Search headline.
  5. In the Search Engines… remove the unwanted URL addresses.
    Finally, Reset the browser by opening the Settings tab again. Expand advanced settings options list.
    Find System headline and click Reset browser settings
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