I have 2 email addresses, one through a company server, and the other a regular ISP account. Using Windows live mail 2012.

-The company email address I can not receive message, but I can send.
-The Bell email address seems to work fine although it seems like I am getting
less emails especially spam type stuff

The servers, ports, password is all accurate. I first had this problem 3 weeks ago, online forum suggested to disable anti virus suite, so I did McAfee I uninstalled it.
So Windows Defender is running now, Windows 10. If I disable Defender it does not solve the problem.

Anyway the problem has resurfaced again. Same problem logging onto Webmail, the one account does not receive. I loaded eM Client (in case it was a live mail problem) same issue.

When I refresh for mail on the company email account I am prompted to enter my password, so I do that and hit ok, it keeps bouncing back.
The error message is
Server Error: 0x800CCC90
Server response” ERR log in failed
then list the server name
Windows Live Mail Error 0x800CCC92
Protocol POP3
Port 110
Secure (SSL) No

Any help is appreciated.