How to fix XAudio2_6.dll issues on Steam?

Steam game crash and restart the PC

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    Kenneth Chuah says:
    Sorry. Should have more detail. Games on Steam crash whenever I open the game and tried checking dump files and indicate XAudio2_6 Access Violation Error. Have tried reinstalling DirectX in case the file was corrupted but to jo avail. Have also updated all other drivers via AVG tuneup and all seems ok. Not sure what to do next. Please advice.
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    5-15-19 says:
    Hello Kenneth,

    Have you tried reinstalling Steam client itself? It might help in some cases.

    Anyways, instead of using the AVG tuneup utility, you should download the drivers from the manufacturer's website (AMD, NVIDIA, Intel, etc.), and update them while in safe mode. To enter Safe Mode, press and hold Shift on your keyboard, and then click on Start > Power > Restart (all while holding down the Shift key). Once Windows boots, go to Troubleshoot > Startup Settings > F5 (or 5).

    If that does not help, you should use Command Prompt register the file in question manually. Please check the 4th fix of the following guide:

    Good luck!

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