0xc004f074 error shows during the windows activation

0xc004f074 error shows during the windows activation

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    Error 0xC004F074 is a relatively common error and shows up after the installation of Windows 10 when trying to activate the OS. The issue first showed up back in 2015, and while Microsoft released a patch that fixed the error for multiple users, others still kept struggling with it.

    If you encountered error 0xC004F074 while trying to register the legitimate version of Windows, there are several methods you can fix the issue by following our guide How to Fix Windows 10 Activation Error Code: 0xC004F074?. You can activate the OS via the phone or by accessing Command Prompt, and other methods.

    Please be aware that the methods listed in the article will not help you if you are trying to use a pirated version of Windows.

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