Code: 0x80073D05 How do I fix this?

Code: 0x80073D05 with iTunes
How do I fix this?

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    1-3-20 says:

    0x80073D05 is an error that might prevent you from downloading and updating Windows apps via the Microsoft Store, and there might be several reasons for it to occur.

    For example, Windows system files might be to blame, or 0x80073D05 error might have started showing up after the installation of a potentially unwanted program. In other cases, an overly-aggressive anti-virus might be to blame.

    In other words, there is no universal solution to fix 0x80073D05 error, so there is some troubleshooting that needs to be done in order to get rid of the problem. Here are some of the things you could do:

    1. Run Microsoft Store Troubleshooter
    2. Clear Microsoft Store cache
    3. Reinstall Microsoft Store
    4. Sync Microsoft store
    5. Perform SFC scan

    You can find all the detailed instructions on how to apply these fixes in this article.

    If you are dealing with 0x80073D05 error on Mac, you can try doing the following:

    1. Check for the "More information" button - macOS might sometimes provide the solution to the problem
    2. Restart your computer and try again
    3. Update your security software
    4. Update both your macOS and iTunes

    Good luck

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