How to fix Error code 126?

Hello im Arkan tareq
I need help in repairing my PC
An error appear Failure of downloading dll files
Error code 126

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    12-30-19 says:

    Error code 126 indicates that there has been an issue with the .dll file of a related application. DLL files, similarly to EXE files, are used by applications to enable a certain launch sequence - in other words, it makes the app work as intended. In case there are errors with the file, the application will struggle to launch.

    In most of the cases, Error code 126 can be fixed by temporarily disabling anti-malware software, reinstalling the problematic application, updating drivers, running Windows system file integrity check, or updating Microsoft NET Framework software.

    To find out how to apply these fixes, please visit the following article: How to fix DLL error 126 on Windows 10?.

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