How to Fix “Windows PowerShell Has Stopped Working” on Windows?

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Issue: How to Fix “Windows PowerShell Has Stopped Working” on Windows?

Recently, Powershell app fails to start normally. I try to launch it, but all I get is “Windows Powershell has stopped working.” I ran the scan, but no threats were found. Can you guess where the problem might be?

Solved Answer

“Windows Powershell Has Stopped Working” error is certainly an unpleasant phenomenon. It would not be such a hindrance if not for the necessity and importance of the program. In general, Powershell operates as an automation platform and scripting language which helps customize and improve the management of your system. This utility benefits virus removal. More advanced users use the application for creating shortcuts, writing, and debugging scripts. It also comes in handy when resetting and cleaning your browsers. MS Edge functionality is closely related to Powershell as well, so its necessity and functionality are unquestionable. As a result, “Windows Powershell Has Stopped Working” error should not be ignored. Whether you employ Windows 7 or Windows 10, there are even chances to encounter this issue. It has been discovered that two frequently recurring factors cause the issue. In the first case, the error message might be triggered by the trojan called Poweliks. The latter operates as an ordinary trojan: it may sign you out of your email account, launch high CPO memory usage tasks, such as dllhost.exe *32 or dllhst3g.exe *32, which directly affect the PC performance, blue screen of deaths, and frequent error messages. Alternatively, Windows Powershell Has Stopped Working error might be te result of Microsoft security update KB3163245 for Windows 7 and Vista systems. Windows 10 users are less likely to experience this error over the update. Here are the options you might try in order to eliminate the issue.

Windows PowerShell error message might be caused by different factors

Option 1. Remove Poweliks virus

In case, one of the above-described synonyms matches your case, and you suspect that malware might be interfering with Powershell, install malware elimination utility and run the scan. For that purpose, Reimage or Malwarebytes Anti-Malware might be of service. The program should also end dllhost.exe *32 or dllhst3g.exe *32 process.

Option 2. Uninstall Microsoft Security update KB3163245 to solve the issue

If your security application has not found anything on the system, you might try uninstalling the mentioned security update. Try reinstalling it later on. Perhaps minor technical difficulties had prevented the update from installing successfully. Note that the update should be downloaded from the official MS web page.

Option 3. Repair registry file

In case you notice KERNELBASE.dll error message as well, visit the link to solve the problem.

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