how to uninstall driver update by slimware utilities?

how to uninstall driver update by slimware utilities?

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    keithbull007 says:
    Keeps popping up saying several named apps need driver updates?
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    5-29-20 says:

    This questionable program is not valuable and can get persistent because it is categorized as PUP by security experts.

    Uninstalling Driver Update by Slimware Utilities can get difficult because of the third-party application involvement and alterations made in registry or different parts of the system.

    You should try to find the program in Control Panel and Uninstall the program by removing it from the machine. Check for other Slimware products too and eliminate them.
    Make sure to reset web browsers too since the PUP can install apps and change settings without permission. There are many places where this program can plant its files, so pop-ups keep appearing for a long time. Make sure to check the system fully and everything should be okay.

    Good luck.

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