I cannot connect to Dropbox

I cannot connect to Dropbox. I get the message Can’t establish a secure connection

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    UGetFix.com says:

    "Can't establish a secure connection" is an error that you may have encountered on Safari due to various reasons, including poor internet connection, incorrect DNS settings, or maybe the website you are trying to access does not have a valid certificate.

    However, considering it's Dropbox you are talking about, the problem is less likely to be related to its servers, certification, or similar issues. Nevertheless, even the most prominent websites might sometimes go offline due to various reasons, so it is worth trying to access it at a later time.

    In the meantime, you should try the following fixes:

    1. Adjust your DNS settings
    2. Disable IPv6
    3. Scan your computer for malware

    If you want a detailed explanation of how to perform these steps, please visit our How to fix Safari can’t establish a secure connection? article.

    Good luck,
    Ugetfix team

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