I was downloading proteus 8.9

I was downloading proteus 8.9. it was not done and affected with virus. I shut down my computer but when I open my computer it asks for reboot and select proper boot device. Anyhow I am able to open my computer but all my microsoft word files are corrupted. I am not able to open it. please help. while opening the microsoft word then it shows as “The office open xml file canot be opened becausethere are problems with the contents. The file is corrupted and canot be opened.
It is my important files please guide me to recover it.

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    UGetFix.com says:

    If you downloaded a malicious executable file (in most of the cases, infected installers are placed on insecure sites that host pirated software), ran in on your Windows computer and it managed to corrupt your files, it was most likely ransomware - it usually appends an extension to each of the files, such as .locked, or .djvu. If that is the case, you can check the following article: https://ugetfix.com/ask/how-to-recover-files-encrypted-by-nesa-ransomware/.

    However, there might be other reasons for your personal files to get corrupted - malware might not even be involved. For example, files might not be compatible, hard drive failing, large-sized objects within the file, etc.

    The easiest way to fix this issue is by using Google Docs:
    1. Copy the corrupted file to your desktop
    2. Click on the plus "+" to start a new file
    3. Click on "File" and then select "Open"
    4. Pick the file that was showing the error
    5. The file contents should be visible again

    Good luck!

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