0xc0000185 error fix does not work – no hard drive detected disc controller not supported

none of the suggestions on how to fix boot configuration error code 0xc0000185 have worked. are there possibly any more suggestions? will this reimage software help load windows or do I have to have windows operating before using reimage?

pc simply goes to black log in screen with dell logo and small circle spinning and will not display anything else. when I try the command prompt entry BOOTREC /FIXBOOT it says access is denied.

at the command prompt of BOOTREC /RebuildBcd it says below it :
Successfully scanned Windows installations.
Total identified windows installations: 0
The operation completed successfully.

when I use the startup repair button it tells me :
startup repair couldn’t fix your pc
press advanced options to try other options to repair your pc or shutdown to turn of your pc
log file

pressing advanced options simply brings me back to the original menu I started from.

booted and used F12 key to run diagnostics.
got error on hard drive. says:
no hard drive detected disc controller not supported
all other devices showed ok.

Community Answers

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    UGetFix.com says:
    Hello, skeeter,

    There is a possibility that your HDD (Hard drive) is failing. Hard drives can get corrupted at any time, due to no apparent reason, regardless of how old the hardware is.

    Therefore, before you proceed with anything else, you should make sure the hard drive is not corrupted. To do that, you need to unplug it from your computer and try plugging it back in.

    If the error repeats, you should then connect a hard drive that you know for sure is working, and check if that solves the problem for you.

    Talking about Reimage: to fix system-related errors, you will need to boot into your Windows OS before any repairs can be made to it. However, as we previously stated, it is highly likely that your HDD is failing, hence Windows cannot load.

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