I keep receiving an error “We can’t sign into your account”

We can’t sign into your account error keeps appearing. How to delete it?

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    Thanks for visiting our blog. The "We can't sign into your account" is a known problem, which, in most of the cases, can be solved by creating a temporary profile, installing available Windows updates or executing several commands via Command Prompt. You can find comprehensive instructions on the How to Fix We Can’t Sign Into Your Account Error article.

    However, it's important to stress the fact that sometimes "We can't sign into your account" error is a scam, which is triggered by malware infection. If you have noticed that the error contains links to remote-control applications such as Team Viewer or LogMeIn, and a phone number, most probably it's a scam. To remove it, you'll have to boot your PC into Safe Mode and perform a scan with anti-malware. For more information, click the link provided above.

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