[Fix] Feeds - Search application is using too much memory

Hello. I noticed a process in the Taskbar "Feeds" is using a high amount of memory.More
Fix   August 23, 2022  

How to fix OneDrive disappears from File Explorer after an update?

Hello. OneDrive is installed on the PC, but it disappears from File Explorer randomly.More
Fix   August 23, 2022  

How to fix McpManagementService error code 15100 in Windows?

Hello, I have been having some problems with my Windows recently and noticed that there's an error under the McpManagementService which says "Failed to read description, Error Code: 1510." Could you please advise on how to resolve this?More
Fix   August 22, 2022  

How to fix Windows did not detect any networking hardware error?

Hello. I received an error message “Windows did not detect any networking hardware” after updating Windows.More
Fix   August 21, 2022  

How to Fix Error Code: 0x80070570 on Windows?

Hello. I’m not allowed to download games and apps from the Windows Store.More
Fix   August 19, 2022  

How to fix Steam error code 310?

Hello. I tried to go to the Steam Store but an error code 310 popped up.More
Fix   August 19, 2022  

How to fix KB5012170 fails to install on Windows?

Hello. For the past two weeks, I have been trying to install KB5012170 on Windows 11, but to no avail.More
Fix   August 18, 2022  

How to fix RdrCEF.exe high CPU usage in Windows?

Hello. I recently noticed that my Windows computer started being slower than usual.More
Fix   August 18, 2022  

[Fix] Voice recognition not working: Windows says no internet connection is available

Hello. I try to use the dictation function, and it is not happening.More
Fix   August 17, 2022  

How to fix Gaming features aren't available for Windows desktop or File Explorer error?

Hello. I tried to record my screen using the Xbox Game Bar. However, when I open it the record option is unavailable.More
Fix   August 17, 2022  

[Fix] BitLocker Blue Screen after installing KB5016629 on Windows 11

Hello, I have never used BitLocker before, and neither have I installed it myself.More
Fix   August 16, 2022  

How to fix Windows update error 0x80070032?

Hello. I tried to install the Windows update that was recently released but I could not.More
Fix   August 16, 2022  

How to fix VLC Player not working in Windows?

Whenever I try to play a movie via the VLC media player, it is simply not starting.More
Fix   August 12, 2022  

How to fix KB5016629 fails to install in Windows 11?

Hello. I tried to install the most recent update KB5016629 on my Windows 11 PC but the process fails.More
Fix   August 12, 2022  

How to fix "Connecting to the CS:GO network" error?

Hello, I never had problems with connecting to CS:GO before, and today I can't anymore.More
Fix   August 11, 2022