Microsoft and Google offer two ways to improve security on Google Chrome browser

Windows Defender Browser Protection is about to improve users' security on Google Chrome. More
News   April 18, 2018  

AMD along with Microsoft rolls out patch updates for Spectre Variant 2

AMD rolls out Spectre Variant 2 mitigation updates along with Microsoft's Tuesday Patch. More
News   April 12, 2018  

Microsoft adds Files Restore feature on OneDrive and Outlook

Microsoft's File Restore feature will allow users to protect themselves from ransomware attacks. More
News   April 09, 2018  

Apple plans to stop using Intel’s chips since 2020

Apple plants to suspend the usage of Intel's processors. More
News   April 05, 2018  

Google banned Cryptocurrency mining extensions from Chrome Web Store

Cryptomining will stop on Chrome - malicious or not. On April 2nd, Google announced that it is banning all the cryptocurrency mining extensions from Google Web store, including those that are particularly designed to do so.More
News   April 04, 2018  

Another fake WhatsApp app might target Android users’ data

WhatsApp Plus app can be used for installing malware and stealing Android users’ information. More
News   April 03, 2018  

Microsoft’s Meltdown became a Total Meltdown

Microsoft’s attempts to fix Meltdown flaw turned into Total Meltdown on Windows 7. More
News   March 30, 2018  

Opera browser rolls out a Cryptocurrency Mining Protection feature

Opera is a web browser undervalued for no reason. Opera is a web browser compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Linux operating systems.More
News   March 29, 2018  

Google Play Store: malware on QR code apps infect more than 500k users

Researchers found QR readers with embedded malware on Google Play. More
News   March 28, 2018  

Another macOS High Sierra bug can reveal your passwords

The flaw in macOS High Sierra can reveal your passwords after typing specific command in Terminal. More
News   March 27, 2018  

Facebook sinks into scandals: SMS and call data leaked from Androids

Another Facebook scandal on the rise. Has Facebook been gathering personal users' data on Android devices without permission? More
News   March 26, 2018  

Spectre-like CPU flaws revealed in AMD’s Ryzen and Epyc processors

CTS-Labs discovered a Spectre-like vulnerability in AMD‘s Ryzen and EPYC chips. More
News   March 23, 2018  

Uncontrolled data collection online leads to the rise of VPNs

The popularity of VPNs is increasingly growing. VPN is an abbreviation of Virtual Private Network.More
News   March 22, 2018  

Fake Amazon ads showed up on Google search again

Scammers managed to post fake Amazon ads on top Google search results one more time. More
News   March 21, 2018  

Microsoft claims Windows 10 updates will install in 30 minutes

Windows 10 feature update improvements will decrease offline downtime to 30 minutes. More
News   March 20, 2018