Fix “Restore point was damaged or deleted during the restore”

i keep getting the following message when i try a system restore on my windows 10

details system restore failed to extract the file (C:#SysResetOldOSWindowsSysWOW64shlwapi.dll) from the restore point, restore point was damaged or deleted during the restore

is there a simple fix for this? i am not very IT savy

Community Answers

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    3-19-18 says:
    Dear user,

    The problem you encounter is one of the common Windows problems these days. Could you please tell us why would you like to initiate system restore? If there any other problems with your device? The current system's problems might be blocking the restore point or otherwise influencing its performance. To check that, you may try to run a scan with Reimage optimization utility.

    Alternatively, you can try a couple of fixes provided on this article.

    Good luck, team

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