Opera users are able to block cookie dialogs on their Android devices

Opera's for Android new feature allows blocking cookie dialogs on websites. More
News   November 06, 2018  

Windows 10 fall update paused because of deleted users’ files

Windows 10 fall update stopped by Microsoft after important users' files are deleted from their systems. More
News   October 09, 2018  

China cyberattacks in decline – causes experts concerns

Less hacking attempts might indicate more efficient attacks. More
News   September 27, 2018  

4 Methods to Restore Windows 10

Windows 10 is considered to be one of the most advanced operating systems developed by Microsoft.More
News   September 25, 2018  

New cold boot attack allows to steal encryption keys

A new Cold Boot Attack version lets attackers steal valuable data. More
News   September 17, 2018  

Adobe issues an emergency security patch for Photoshop CC

Adobe rushes to fix an emergency security flaw in Photoshop Creative Cloud. More
News   August 23, 2018  

WannaCry ransomware hits Apple’s chip maker: several plants closed

Taiwanese TSMC chip making company hit by WannaCry ransomware. More
News   August 07, 2018  

Comeback: Kronos Banking trojan reappears in the cyberspace

The new version of Kronos Banking trojan has been discovered. More
News   July 26, 2018  

Luminosity Link hacker from Lexington pleaded guilty for three counts

21-year-old hacker pleaded guilty for creating and selling a hacking tool. More
News   July 19, 2018  

Bancor’s security breach involved 12 million stolen tokens

Blockchain company dealt with hacking attack and security breach involving cryptocurrency . More
News   July 12, 2018  

Samsung texting app secretly sending users’ photos to random contacts

Bug in the Samsung texting app sends Gallery photos to random users. More
News   July 03, 2018  

Red Alert 2.0 Android Trojan launches yet another attack

Previously known threat Red Alert 2.0 Android Trojan strikes again. More
News   June 27, 2018  

Fortnite’s fake version installs malware on Android devices

Hackers are eager to make use of Fortnite's craze - have been pushing the fake Android version. More
News   June 19, 2018  

R.I.P Yahoo Messenger: the service will be discontinued on July

Yahoo instant messaging app will be discontinued after two decades. More
News   June 13, 2018  

Adobe Flash Zero-day vulnerability detected: Patch right now!

Another Adobe Flash Zero-day vulnerability discovered. Cyber criminals found a new trick to use Adobe Flash to launch malicious attacks.More
News   June 11, 2018