Is Windows Defender Good Enough to Secure Windows 10?

Continuing the Windows 10 theme, we would like to discuss Windows Defender in short.More
News   August 22, 2016  

Google Chrome vs. Microsoft Edge: speed or less power consumption?

Have you already tried Microsoft Edge web browser? What’s your opinion about it?More
News   August 05, 2016  

What are the benefits of computer optimization software?

People use computers every day; eventually, the computer can get cluttered with duplicate files, necessary programs, registry keys and other components that just fill up disk space and are simply redundant.More
News   May 27, 2016  

How to protect your Mac, PC, or Android device from malware?

Technology changes the way we live - people use computers on a daily basis, and they carry smart devices with them all the time.More
News   April 08, 2016  

Everything you need to know about Locky virus

New ransomware detected in the wild: Locky virus. Computer security experts claim that 2015 was definitely a year of ransomware, but it seems the growth of these viruses continues into 2016.More
News   March 17, 2016  

Gmail officially adds 'Undo Send' Option

Probably the majority of the e-mail users have experienced that awful moment of accidental click on a 'Send' button, an indication of a wrong recipient, and similar issues.More
News   August 18, 2015  

Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Chrome. Which one to choose?

Nowadays, people spent on the Internet lots of time. Some of us probably the most of the day, i.e.More
News   August 10, 2015  

Update Firefox to avoid an exploit stealing files off your hard drive

Firefox has encountered a serious security issue which allows attackers stealing files off your hard drive using some JavaScript-based technique in order to infiltrate your computer through the Firefox browser.More
News   August 10, 2015  

MacKeeper customers can now get a refund

Users of Mac optimization tool MacKeeper can now get a refund, if they claim it by November 30th.More
News   August 10, 2015  

A first look at Windows 10 Mobile revealed that it's missing crucial apps

Microsoft is planning and still working on a Windows 10 mobile platform which is scheduled for this fall.More
News   August 06, 2015  

12 features of Gmail you should know about

Gmail is a great tool that most of us are probably using. However, do we know everything it has to offer?More
News   August 06, 2015  

A new app developed to stop Windows 10 from tracking you

Windows 10 has just been released for a week and it has already stirred controversy related to the amount of information it tracks. More
News   August 05, 2015  

Microsoft exceeds all expectations with record Windows 10 upgrade downloads

According to Yusuf Mehdi, an executive in the Windows and Devices Group, there are already 14 million devices running Windows 10 OS.More
News   August 03, 2015  

What to choose: Windows 10 or OS X?

Microsoft has just launched Windows 10 which is stuffed with all sorts of new and exciting features.More
News   August 01, 2015  

What you need to know about Windows 10

Windows 10 has just been launched and we are sure that you are all very keen to know what to expect from this freshly minted OS.More
News   July 31, 2015