How to reset the forgotten password on Mac?

Hi! I have found my old MacBook, but unfortunately, I forgot the password. Is there any chance to reset Mac password without the help of IT professional?More
Recover   February 26, 2018  

How to recover missing Start Menu tiles on Windows 10?

Hello all. So I've eventually installed the Fall Creators Update and found my Start Menu Tiles missing.More
Recover   February 08, 2018  

How to restore data on the new iPhone from an older device?

Hello. I have bought a new iPhone and already set it up. Unfortunately, I need data from my older smartphone.More
Recover   February 06, 2018  

How to restore deleted bookmarks in Google Chrome?

I’ve accidentally deleted bookmarks in Google Chrome. Maybe there’s a way to restore them?More
Recover   January 08, 2018  

How to unlock Apple device after [email protected] ransomware attack?

My iPhone screen is locked and asks to send an email to [email protected]More
Recover   November 13, 2017  

How to Recover Files Encrypted by Ykcol Ransomware?

My files were encrypted by Locky ransomware as soon as I opened a malicious document sent to me via email!More
Recover   October 04, 2017  

How to Recover Deleted Files on Mac?

I have just moved a bunch of files to the Trash bin on Mac and emptied it straight after.More
Recover   September 27, 2017  

How to Reset Microsoft Account Password on Windows 10?

I forgot my Microsoft Account Password, so I’m currently locked out from Windows.More
Recover   September 25, 2017  

How to Recover Files Encrypted by Arena Ransomware?

I got infected with a strange virus, most likely ransomware.More
Recover   September 06, 2017  

How to Recover Files Encrypted by Lukitus Ransomware?

My files were compromised by Lukitus ransomware. Are there any hopes to recover them?More
Recover   September 05, 2017  

How to Recover Files Encrypted by Diablo6 Ransomware?

I think my computer was infected with a virus! My desktop wallpaper was changed, and I also found a diablo.htm file on the desktop. More
Recover   August 10, 2017  

How to Decrypt Files Encrypted by GlobeImposter Ransomware?

Where can I download and how should I properly use GlobeImposter decrypter?More
Recover   August 01, 2017  

How to recover files encrypted by Mole02 ransomware?

Hello, all. A couple of hours ago I’ve accidentally agreed with an installation of a doubtful exe file, which then appeared to be an executable of the Mole02 ransomware.More
Recover   July 30, 2017  

How to Restore Files Deleted by Windows Updates?

Did someone experience the file loss after the installation of today’s update or earlier updates?More
Recover   July 25, 2017  

How to Recover Files Encrypted by Petya Ransomware?

Please help! My all files were encrypted by Petya ransomware, and I haven’t heard about any decryption tools so far.More
Recover   July 25, 2017