How to fix the Ntoskrnl.exe BSOD error?

I’m experiencing trouble with the Ntoskrnl.exe file. I think it is corrupt, and that is why it is causing my computer to display the BSOD.More
Fix   September 17, 2019  

How to fix Page fault in nonpaged area?

Hello, I was working on a word document when suddenly my Windows 10 PC bluescreened and came back with an error message PAGE FAULT IN NONPAGED AREA.More
Fix   September 11, 2019  

How to fix “Your DNS server might be unavailable”

I can’t access Internet. None of the websites is loaded successfully because of the “Your DNS server might be unavailable” error.More
Fix   September 11, 2019  

How to fix Application error 0xc0000005?

Hello. Recently I have been bugged by an annoying error that prevents me from watching videos as they have no sound anymore.More
Fix   September 10, 2019  

How to fix Error 492?

Hello. I have a smartphone with Android OS and I am getting Error 492 while downloading any app from Google Play Store.More
Fix   September 09, 2019  

How to Fix Windows Store Error 0x80244018 on Windows 10? (1)

Hello. I cannot download apps from store because Windows shows me an error code 0x80244018.More
Fix   September 09, 2019  

How to Fix High CPU Usage by Ravbg64.exe?

I’ve noticed multiple ravbg64.exe instances on Task Manager.More
Fix   September 06, 2019  


Today my system crashed for two times and showed a BSOD CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT.More
Fix   September 05, 2019  

How to fix ms-settings:personalization-background error?

Hello, I get an error when trying to open Windows Display Settings and I think this issue is related to the fact that I updated from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10.More
Fix   September 04, 2019  

How to fix Instant Apps?

Hello. I have a question how can I disable Instant Apps and fix the issue with installations and updates without my permission?More
Fix   September 02, 2019  

How to fix certificate error?

Hello, the last few days I'm getting a pop-up related to certificate.More
Fix   August 30, 2019  

How to fix CX_FREEZE fatal error?

Hello, I have an issue with my laptop that I purchased not so long ago.More
Fix   August 28, 2019  

How to fix The action cannot be completed because the file is open in another program?

Hello, I have an issue with a PDF file that cannot be opened nor deleted.More
Fix   August 26, 2019  

How to Fix Windows 10 Update Error Code 0x80070002?

0x80070002 error pop-ups when I try to update Windows 10 via Windows updates.More
Fix   August 26, 2019  

How to fix screen brightness control?

I have been trying to manage might screen's brightness but it does not change.More
Fix   August 26, 2019