How to fix Windows Defender reporting "Behavior:Win32/Hive.ZY" repeatedly?

Hello. I booted my PC today as I usually do in the morning. After some time, a pop-up with the "Behavior:Win32/Hive.ZY" detection was shown.More
Fix   September 05, 2022  

How to fix Spotify song change notifications not working on Windows 11?

Hello. For some reason, I do not receive the Spotify song change notifications on my Windows 11 computer.More
Fix   September 05, 2022  

How to fix 0xc10100be error?

Hello. I want to run the Windows Media Player, but the error 0xc10100be keeps me from playing it.More
Fix   September 02, 2022  

Fix: Windows 10/11 Product Key Not Working

Hello. I tried to activate Windows but the product key is not working.More
Fix   September 01, 2022  

How to fix the “Your PC/Device Needs to Be Repaired” error in Windows?

Hello. The error stating “Your PC/Device Needs to Be Repaired”  bothers me.More
Fix   August 31, 2022  

How to fix Windows update error 80240025?

Hello. I tried to install the latest update on my Windows computer but it did not work and I received an 80240025 error.More
Fix   August 30, 2022  

How to fix "Path too long" error 0x80010135?

Hello. When I try to extract a folder on my Windows computer I receive a 0x80010135 error.More
Fix   August 30, 2022  

How to fix KB5016691 fails to install in Windows?

Hello, I have tried to install the Windows 11 KB5016691 update several times, but it failed with an error during the installation process every time.More
Fix   August 30, 2022  

How to fix Valorant error code 38?

Hey, can you help me? I play Valorant and get the error code 38 with the message that only days that it is the connection error but is not answering other questions and does not give more details.More
Fix   August 29, 2022  

How to fix StartMenuExperienceHost.exe error in Windows?

Hello. Suddenly I cannot open the Start Menu on my Windows computer and I get the StartMenuExperienceHost.exe error.More
Fix   August 29, 2022  

How to fix Microsoft Store error 0x80246008?

Hello, I have been trying to update Windows apps via the Microsoft Store as per usual, but none of them seem to be updating.More
Fix   August 26, 2022  

How to fix Wificx.sys BSOD in Windows?

Hello, I'm having repeated Blue Screen of Death crashes with Wificx.sys referenced as a reason for it.More
Fix   August 25, 2022  

How to fix 2147500037 error code in Windows?

Hello. I need help with the 2147500037 error code. I get the error when trying to print the homegroup password.More
Fix   August 25, 2022  

[Fix] Windows 11 is slow and freezing after adding a second monitor

Hello. My Windows 11 acts up. It slows down and starts freezing after I hook up my monitor to the computer.More
Fix   August 24, 2022  


Hello, I am trying to access a website via Google Chrome, and I keep receiving the ERR_SPDY_INADEQUATE_TRANSPORT_SECURITY error every time.More
Fix   August 24, 2022