How to Delete the User Account in Windows 10?

Hello, all. I‘ve been sharing one PC with my sister for a long time. More
Optimize   May 05, 2017  

MacKeeper review and download

MacKeeper review MacKeeper from Kromtech Alliance Corp. is a software for Mac OS X that secures and optimizes the system. More
Optimize   August 12, 2015  

MacKeeper customers can now get a refund

Users of Mac optimization tool MacKeeper can now get a refund, if they claim it by November 30th. More
News   August 10, 2015  

How to Change Windows User Account Name?

Hi, somehow I encountered a very simple but odd bug – how do you change your MS account profile name? More
Optimize   May 05, 2017  

How to Clear Bing Browsing History in Microsoft Edge?

I seem to struggle to delete Bing search history even though I used the manual issued by Bing. More
Optimize   May 04, 2017  

How to Install Windows 10 Creators Update Manually?

I did not receive Creators Update install yet. I’m really fed up with Windows 10 Creators Update rollout speed. More
Optimize   May 01, 2017  

How to Turn Windows Defender On or Off?

Hello, I know that Windows Defender is supposed to protect my computer. More
Optimize   April 28, 2017  

How to Speed Up the Load Time of Windows Downloads Folder?

Every other folder in File Explorer opens virtually immediately to show all contents but why does the Download folder have to reload the contents, which takes quite some time, the first time the folder is accessed after switching on. More
Optimize   April 24, 2017  

How to Take a 360-Degree Photo and Upload It to Facebook?

I’ve noticed my Facebook friends posting 360-degree photos. More
Optimize   April 21, 2017  

How to Enable Classic Paint on Windows 10 Creators Update?

I miss good old Paint already… Is it possible to have it on Windows 10 Creators Update? More
Optimize   April 20, 2017  

How to Turn Off Automatic Windows 10 Updates?

To put it straightforwardly, is it possible to prevent Windows 10 from downloading updates automatically? More
Optimize   April 17, 2017  

How to Block Third-Party Cookies?

I keep receiving ads when browsing, which, apparently, are generated according to my web browsing data. More
Optimize   April 16, 2017  
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