How to Disable Feedback Hub Notifications on Windows 10?

Is it possible to stop Microsoft from sending feedback requests? More
Optimize   June 24, 2017  

MacKeeper customers can now get a refund

Users of Mac optimization tool MacKeeper can now get a refund, if they claim it by November 30th. More
News   August 10, 2015  

MacKeeper review and download

MacKeeper review MacKeeper from Kromtech Alliance Corp. is a software for Mac OS X that secures and optimizes the system. More
Optimize   August 12, 2015  

How to Change Font Size in Windows 10?

Is there a way to make the font size bigger in Windows 10? It’s too small for me! More
Optimize   June 23, 2017  

How to change a default PDF Viewer in Windows 10?

I hate when trying to open any PDF file ends up opening Microsoft Edge. More
Optimize   June 22, 2017  

How to Backup Data without Booting into Windows?

When trying to boot up my PC, I run into a BSOD, which prevents me from getting to my Windows 10 desktop. More
Optimize   June 21, 2017  

How to Disable Startup Programs in Windows 10?

Hello, I want to speed up my computer’s start up. I found that many useless programs are run with system startup and work in the background. More
Optimize   June 21, 2017  

How to Hide Files & Folders in Windows 10 Search?

I need a tutorial on how to hide files from Windows 10 search urgently. More
Optimize   June 20, 2017  

How to Convert JPEG and PNG file formats to PDF in Windows 10?

I need to convert a couple of .jpeg and .png files to .pdf. More
Optimize   June 16, 2017  

How to Create a Custom Theme on Windows 10?

I cannot figure out how to create a custom theme on Windows 10. More
Optimize   June 15, 2017  

How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on Facebook?

Maybe I‘m paranoid, but I always think what would happen if a stranger would sing-in to my Facebook account and write nonsense to, for example, my boss. More
Optimize   June 14, 2017  

How to Upload Photos and Videos from your Camera Roll to Snapchat?

I‘ve signed in to Snapchat a couple of days ago. I‘m a little bit confuse about that social media platform. More
Optimize   June 13, 2017  
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