What is DCB_ASSOCIATION text and how to recover after receiving the message?

Hello, I have received a message that says the following "DCB_ASSOCIATION: 149427a0982c12478497b8a".More
Recover   August 04, 2020  

How to restore recently closed tabs in Chrome?

Hi. I've been working on multiple Chrome windows and accidentally closed the browser.More
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How to Recover a Deleted File?

Please help ASAP!! I've accidentally removed the entire folder of photos and did not notice that at first.More
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How to get unbanned from Omegle?

Hello, I have a problem with Omegle. I love the chat via the site, and I also use a mobile app.More
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How to recover data from erased hard drive?

Hello guys. I accidentally marked a portion of files and removed them completely.More
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How to recover files encrypted by Nesa ransomware?

Hello, I am infected with a virus. My pictures, videos, documents, and other files are all unusable.More
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How to recover .Kvag ransomware files?

Please help me. Today I found out that I cannot open any of my files on the PC, including the photos that are very important to me.More
Recover   September 18, 2019  

How to recover files encrypted by Meds ransomware?

Hello, I have been recently affected by malware. Meds ransomware encrypted my important files and now, I cannot recover them since STOP decrypter is not working for those never Djvu versions.More
Recover   September 13, 2019  

How to recover files encrypted by Seto ransomware?

Hi, my PC got infected with ransomware, and all my files are appended with .seto file extension - I can not open any of them!More
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What is .AAE file and should you delete it?

Hello, I recently uploaded all my photos I had on my old iPhone to my Windows PC.More
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How to restore your Mac from a Time Machine backup?

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How to Recover Microsoft Word Documents?

Hello. I need someone to help recover my Word file ASAP. At the moment, I’m struggling with my BA thesis, which has to be done this Friday.More
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What is a Hard Drive Crash?

Hello. I can't load my computer any longer and I don't know what is the problem.More
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How to restore Data From Damaged Hard Drive?

Hello. My hard drive just unexpectedly crashed. It didn't show any signs of approaching troubles, so I haven't done backups of the data that has been stored in it, and I am literally panicking now.More
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How to repair a corrupt PST file?

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