How to recover lost, corrupted or deleted files?

I’ve removed the whole folder or photos by accident and emptied the recycle bin before I’ve noticed that.More
Recover   April 03, 2017  

How to recover files encrypted by Help50 ransomware?

My device has been recently hit by ransomware Help50, and most of my documents have now been marked with .dat extensions.More
Recover   April 03, 2017  

How to decrypt Dropbox files encrypted by ransomware?

My Dropbox files got hit by a CryptoLocker. I always thought that having files stored in the cloud is the best way to protect them from decryption.More
Recover   March 20, 2017  

How to Back Up Your Files?

Hello. I know that ransomware industry is booming, and almost every article about these viruses suggests creating a data backup.More
Recover   March 20, 2017  

How to Recover Files Encrypted by Zzzzz Ransomware?

I understand that my PC has been infected because I cannot open the majority of the files stored on it.More
Recover   March 02, 2017  

How to Create and Use Password Reset Disk on Windows 10?

I have lots of different accounts, including social media, email accounts, various online blogs and shopping sites, etc.More
Recover   February 26, 2017  

How to Recover Files Encrypted by Sage Ransomware?

Hello, my files have been corrupted in some kind of way, and I can see that they all have .sage file extensions now.More
Recover   February 14, 2017  

How to Fix Files Encrypted by Spora Ransomware?

Help! My computer was infected with Spora ransomware, and I cannot open them anymore.More
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How to Recover Files Encrypted by Dharma Ransomware?

My computer has been infected with a ransomware called Dharma.More
Recover   January 27, 2017  

How to Fix a Hacked Facebook Account?

I cannot enter my Facebook account as it says "wrong password," though checked it several times.More
Recover   January 03, 2017  

How to recover files encrypted by Osiris ransomware?

I need your help urgently!! I lost access to photos and docs on stored on my PC.More
Recover   December 09, 2016  

How to recover files encrypted by Aesir ransomware?

Today I turned my computer and found all my valuable documents encrypted!More
Recover   November 29, 2016  

How to Recover Files Deleted by Windows 10 Anniversary Update?

Need urgent help!!!! Although I’ve been informed that installation of Windows 10 Anniversary Update will not damage the data stored on my PC, for some reason my all personal information is gone.More
Recover   October 27, 2016  

How to recover the encrypted files by Thor ransomware virus?

I got infected with this Thor ransomware a few days ago. I finally managed to get rid of it but my files are still inaccessible, and they all have .thor extensions.More
Recover   October 26, 2016  

Data Recovery Pro scanner

Data Recovery Pro review. Data Recovery Pro is a program we would highly advise you to have on your computer in order to avoid unpleasant surprises that might arise if you permanently delete a file from your computer or a letter from your email.More
Recover   August 12, 2015