How to Fix Windows Update Error “Your device is at risk” on Windows 10?

“Your device is at risk because it’s out of date and missing important security and quality updates.More
Fix   November 14, 2018  

How to Fix High CPU Usage by Sppsvc.exe on Windows 10?

Hi. I bought a brand new laptop before a half of the year or so, which has an inbuilt Windows 10 OS.More
Fix   November 14, 2018  

How to fix Windows Store error 0x80240439 on Windows 10?

Hi, this time I’m in a real trouble. I tried to download Xbox Accessories app, but an error 0x80240439 pop-up was thrown to me.More
Fix   November 14, 2018  

How to fix "The Instruction at 0x00*** referenced memory at 0x00***. The memory could not be written" error?

When I try to launch Chrome, the message appears saying that “The Instruction at 0x472v8d791 referenced memory at 0x472v8d791.More
Fix   November 14, 2018  

How to Fix “Unable to install Printer" Error Code 0x00000c1 on Windows 10?

Hello, I’ve been trying to install a printer to my Windows 10 OS, on which, by the way, all available updates have been installed about a week ago.More
Fix   November 13, 2018  

How to fix “Display Driver Failed to Start” error on Windows 10?

Hello. I'm not a tech-savvy person, though I'm a heavy PC user, so the problem that started this morning after I installed Windows 10 update is just miserable.More
Fix   November 12, 2018  

How to fix error code 0x80070520 on Windows 10?

Need help! Xbox live on Windows10 stopped working. Error code 0x80070520.More
Fix   November 12, 2018  

How to Fix Microsoft Outlook Error 0x8004010F?

Hello there. I have been using Outlook for work for a very long time and never had problems with it.More
Fix   November 12, 2018  

How to fix “System call failed” error in Windows 10?

Hello all. Could someone please explain to me why explorer.exe keeps crashing with an error "System call failed?" It all started the next after I installed Windows 10 April Update.More
Fix   November 11, 2018  

How to fix 0x8024401c error on Windows?

Windows 10 Error code 0x8024401c prevents from installing updates.More
Fix   November 09, 2018  

How to fix Failed to initialize Direct3D error on Windows 10?

Hi, I am currently running Windows 10, and whenever I want to start a video game, I get the following message: Failed to initialize Direct3D. Make sure you have at least DirectX 9.0c installed, have drivers for your graphics card and have not disabled 3D acceleration in display settings.More
Fix   November 09, 2018  

How To Fix QUOTA_UNDERFLOW (0x00000021) error on Windows 10?

Every time I start to play an Unreal Engine game, the computer crashes and I see an error which says that my PC ran into a problem and needs to restart.More
Fix   November 08, 2018  

How to fix Windows Store error code 805a8011?

When trying to access Windows Store, I receive error code 805a8011, and I cannot install any new applications.More
Fix   November 08, 2018  

How to fix “There might be a problem with the driver for the Ethernet adapter” error on Windows?

All of a sudden, my PC started having an issue with the Internet connection.More
Fix   November 07, 2018  

How to Fix .NET Framework Error 0x800736B3 on Windows 10?

I’ve recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. About a week after that I tried to run a game and got an error saying that I don’t have .NET Framework 3.5 installed.More
Fix   November 07, 2018  
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