How to disable Windows 11 Defender Credential Guard?

Hello. I was wondering if it was possible to disable Windows 11 Defender Credential Guard.More
Optimize   January 10, 2023  

How to stop Spotify from launching automatically in Windows?

Hello. How do I stop Spotify from opening automatically every time I turn on my Windows computer? More
Optimize   January 09, 2023  

How to disable Error Reporting in Windows?

Hello. How do I disable the Error Reporting feature in Windows? More
Optimize   January 07, 2023  

How to adjust Bass and Treble in Windows 11?

Hello. Where can I find sound settings to adjust Bass and Treble in Windows 11?More
Optimize   January 06, 2023  

How to find battery-draining apps and save power in Windows?

Hello. How can I find which apps drain my battery in Windows?More
Optimize   January 04, 2023  

How to roll back Nvidia drivers in Windows?

Hi, I recently had a problem with the Nvidia driver - it keeps delivering errors, and some programs won't start.More
Optimize   December 08, 2022  

How to stop Microsoft Edge from running in the background?

After the most recent Windows updates, I've noticed that Microsoft Edge is running in the background, even if I close it down completely.More
Optimize   December 01, 2022  

How to remove login screen recommendations and suggestions from Microsoft?

Hello, I have recently noticed that the login screen on Windows is showing all sorts of stuff I'd want not to see - ads and political messages I don't care about.More
Optimize   November 30, 2022  

How to find network access credentials on Windows 10 or 11?

Hello. I am unable to access any of the Windows 10 and Windows 11 machines on the network.More
Optimize   November 27, 2022  

What is "Program" entry in Task Manager and how to remove it?

Recently, I was trying to turn off Discord in the startup menu and noticed a weird entry that says "Program." It does not have any description, and the icon is simply blank.More
Optimize   November 24, 2022  

How to remove your login password in Windows?

Hello, I have recently realized that I don't need a password on my Windows laptop - all it does is just make me waste time on another step before I can use my PC.More
Optimize   November 21, 2022  

How to remove Focus Sessions from Clock App in Windows?

Hello. What's up with the Focus Sessions in Clock App. It bothers me a lot, and I cannot find the answer why this setting automatically appears when I open the Clock app to set a timer, for example.More
Optimize   October 20, 2022  

How to disable a laptop’s keyboard on Windows?

Hello. I want to disable the keyboard on my Windows laptop. How do I do this? More
Optimize   September 02, 2022  

How to delete all files on Google Drive?

Hello. I was wondering how could I delete all files stored in my Google Drive account. More
Optimize   August 10, 2022  

How to make computer shut down on a timer in Windows?

Hello. Is there a way to program a Windows computer to shut down automatically after a certain time? More
Optimize   May 06, 2022