How to Remove Cortana Search Box from the Windows 10 Taskbar?

Cortana Search Box takes a lot of space of the Taskbar. I do not use it a lot, so I would like to remove it.More
Optimize   August 10, 2017  

How to Change Your Computer's Name in Windows?

I bought a new computer with Windows 10. I know that there’s a way to change its name, but I couldn’t find it.More
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How to Reset Start Menu Layout on Windows 10?

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How to Change the Location of OneDrive Folder on Windows 10?

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How to remove Facebook Birthdays from Calendar in Windows 10?

I am using a Calendar on Windows 10. However, I found one feature extremely annoying.More
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How to make use of Activity Monitor?

I can’t find anywhere Task Manager on my new Mac. Where is it? More
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How to Disable Taskbar Notifications on Windows 10?

Is there a way to stop pop-up notifications on the taskbar? I am using Windows 10 and I am so tired of these tips how to speed up the computer, Edge, and other stuff.More
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How to Disable Visual Effects in Windows 10?

Hello, all. I need a piece of advice. I’m trying to speed my PC as it got too slow.More
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How to Take Screenshots on your Smart Watch?

I recently bought Apple Watch and somewhere have seen the post that it is possible to take a snapshot in the Watch.More
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How to Disable Adaptive Brightness Feature in Windows 10?

Why is my Windows screen getting brighter and darker constantly?More
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How to link Windows 10 license with your Microsoft Account?

Being unaware of the Windows 10 activation issues, I have replaced the motherboard with a new one and immediately after that I received Action Center alert „Activate Windows.More
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How to change login screen background image on Windows 10?

I would highly appreciate if someone would explain to me how to change sing-in screen on Windows 10 Creators Update?More
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How to Update Apps on Mac OS?

Hello, I got MacBook as a present, so I am completely new to Mac POS.More
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How to Free Up Disk Space on Windows 10 Automatically Using Storage Sense?

Is it possible to remove junk files in Windows 10 without using a third-party utility? More
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How to Disable Game Bar on Windows 10?

I’ve never used Game bar and do not intend doing so. Is there a way to disable it? More
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