How to Protect Your Computer from Bad Rabbit Ransomware?

Hello. I am afraid of Bad Rabbit ransomware attack as my kids always play various computer games and download whatever the Internet has to offer.More
Optimize   October 26, 2017  

How to Speed Up a Slow iPhone?

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How to Activate Night Mode in Twitter?

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How to Force Quit on Mac?

I am new to Mac. However, I faced some problems with unresponsive programs, and I am not sure if there’s a way to force quit to shut them down? More
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How to remove malware on MacOS and iPhone?

I see more and more opinions saying that macOS and iPhones are not safe from malware.More
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How to download iOS 11?

I turned off automatic updates on my iPad. However, I heard that iOS 11 is available and I want to try it.More
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How to Change the Recycle Bin Icon on Windows 10?

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How to Synchronize Video and Audio on Windows?

I am really bothered with this issue. Video lags behind audio.More
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How to Add User Accounts on Mac?

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How to Change Folder Picture in Windows 10?

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How to Set Up Do Not Track Settings on Mac OS X?

I have just bought Mac computer. I am not sure if it’s possible to set up Do not track settings on Chrome and Safari web browsers? More
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How to Set Up Windows Hello Fingerprint Sign-In?

Hello, guys! Could you please help me to set up fingerprint on Windows 10? More
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How to Clear Quick Access History in Windows 10?

Is it possible to remove folders that I’ve recently entered from the Quick Access list?More
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How to Restore Mac to the Earlier Date?

Hello. I’ve been using my Mac for more than a year.  However, these days I’ve notice a significant slowdown and random freezes, which were not typical before.More
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How to Find Hidden Messages and Filtered Message Requests in Facebook?

Several people asked me if I received messages from them on Facebook.More
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