How to Uninstall DriverUpdate Plus?

Hello, all. I’m not able to uninstall DriverUpdate Plus. I’ve bought a laptop with Windows 10 pre-installed and I don’t know whether this program comes in with Windows package or maybe I installed it by accident.More
Uninstall   December 11, 2017  

How to Uninstall Smart PC Mechanic?

I have no idea how Smart PC Mechanic got installed on my PC.More
Uninstall   December 03, 2017  

How to Uninstall F-Secure Anti-Virus?

Hello, all. I need to uninstall F-Secure, but I can’t find the uninstaller in Control Panel.More
Uninstall   December 02, 2017  

How to Uninstall Panda Antivirus Pro?

I tried to install Avast instead of Panda Global Protection 2016.More
Uninstall   November 26, 2017  

How to uninstall GridinSoft Anti-Malware?

I have downloaded this software a year ago and now I want to replace it with another similar application.More
Uninstall   November 20, 2017  

How to Uninstall My Quick Converter from Mac?

I found My Quick Converter extension on Firefox, but I haven’t installed it.More
Uninstall   November 16, 2017  

How to Uninstall Avast Free Antivirus?

Hello, all. After upgrading my PC to Windows 10 OS, Avast just stopped working.More
Uninstall   November 08, 2017  

How to Uninstall Pro PC Cleaner from Windows?

I uninstalled this Pro PC Cleaner because it kept bothering me with annoying pop-ups.More
Uninstall   November 08, 2017  

How to Uninstall My WIFI Router?

Hello, I am having problems during My WiFi Router removal process.More
Uninstall   November 02, 2017  

How to Uninstall VMware Player on Windows?

I’m having difficulties uninstalling VMware Player. The button Uninstall is inactive.More
Uninstall   November 01, 2017  

How to Uninstall Mac Apps?

I am new at Macs, so I have no idea how to uninstall apps from Macs.More
Uninstall   October 25, 2017  

How to Uninstall Window Security Master on Windows 7?

This program detected Trojan.Ransom in my system. To do that, the program offers to buy the full version.More
Uninstall   October 20, 2017  

How to Uninstall Chroomium Browser?

I have tried every anti-malware program available on the Internet to remove the fake Chrome browser, but nothing works.More
Uninstall   October 19, 2017  

How to Uninstall Magic Jigsaw Puzzles?

Hello all, could someone please tell me what’s happening with the Magic Jigsaw Puzzles?More
Uninstall   October 15, 2017  

How to Remove “Internet Security Alert! Code: 055BCCAC9FEC” Pop-Up?

When I browse on the Internet with Firefox, I get a BSOD, which freezes the browser.More
Uninstall   October 14, 2017