How to Fix Error Code WBACK7917 Pop-Up on Mac OS?

Hi.  I keep getting a pop-up on Safari, which reports a virus attack and malicious activities being held on my Mac. More
Fix   January 14, 2017  

MacKeeper review and download

MacKeeper review MacKeeper from Kromtech Alliance Corp. is a software for Mac OS X that secures and optimizes the system. More
Optimize   August 12, 2015  

Scan with RegCure Pro

RegCure Pro review RegCure Pro is a tool you should have on computer if you want to ensure fluent and uninterrupted performance of Windows registry and avoid annoying errors that may appear while using your computer. More
Fix   August 12, 2015  

How to Fix “Critical System Failure” Error Pop-Up on Windows?

Hi. I receive a pop-up alert on Chrome, which reports about “Critical System Failure” and urges to call for technical support. More
Fix   January 13, 2017  

How to fix Error Code 0x922344sc?

Hello, I see that on your site you are providing error correction instructions. More
Fix   January 13, 2017  

How to Fix YouTube Black Screen Error?

For some reason, most of the Youtube videos show up in a black screen. More
Fix   January 12, 2017  

How to Fix Keyboard Issue When it Types Numbers Instead of Letters?

Hello. I have a strange problem on my PC. More
Fix   January 12, 2017  

How to uninstall AVG Web TuneUp?

For some reason, I cannot uninstall AVG Web Tuneup completely from the device. More
Uninstall   January 12, 2017  

How to block referral spam on Google Analytics?

I suspect my Google Analytics to be spammed. The traffic to my website these days increased significantly, and the primary source is More
Optimize   January 11, 2017  

How to Uninstall ScanGuard on Windows OS?

I have installed Scanguard by accident and immediately after that, it keeps scanning my PC on a regular basis and each time informs about hundreds of issues/malware on the system. More
Uninstall   January 11, 2017  

How to Uninstall All In One Keylogger in Windows?

Hello. I have been using All In One Keylogger to spy on my wife because I had an inkling that she's cheating on me. More
Uninstall   January 11, 2017  

How to Fix Update Error 0x80070422 on Windows 10?

Hi. I‘m using Asus Desktop computer and installed Windows 10 a week or two ago. More
Fix   January 10, 2017  

How to Uninstall Kodi in Windows?

I have been using Kodi for a while and decided to switch to another program. More
Fix   January 10, 2017  

How to Fix High CPU usage by ntoskrnl.exe on Windows 10?

I’ve recently installed the latest Windows 10 update and found everything working fine. More
Fix   January 09, 2017  

Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks Crashing MacOS Lately

The type of online scam, which freezes up web browser‘s screen with a pop-up window and prompts people to call for IT technicians , is well known for most of the Internet users. More
News   January 09, 2017  

How to fix Error Code: 062-050-117?

Can you help me with this Error Code: 062-050-117? It started showing up on my Windows 10 and mostly pops up on the Chrome browser though it sometimes appears on other browsers as well. More
Fix   January 09, 2017  

How to Fix Windows Update Error Code 0x80246007?

Hello. I can’t update Windows apps. More
Fix   January 08, 2017  
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