What is Live Wallpaper and how to use it?

Hello, I have heard about Live Wallpaper and Dynamic Wallpaper functions for Windows 10 devices.More
Optimize   May 06, 2020  

How to turn off overtype in Windows 10?

Hello. I have an issue with Windows 10 computer and the overwrite function.More
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How to clear your history in any browser?

Hello, I read somewhere that clearing browsing history regularly is necessary.More
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How to take a screenshot on Windows 10?

Hello, I am new to Windows and computers in general. I was wondering how to take a screenshot on Windows?More
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What is Other in Mac storage and how to remove it?

Hello. I can see that the storage section on my mac named Other is pretty much filled.More
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How to enable Adobe Flash Player on your web browser?

When I try to load a video on Chrome, each time I get a notification that Flash Player is disabled.More
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How to find out your IP address on Mac?

Hello, I am new to macOS devices. I started using the Mac computer and want to set up a network and share files, so I need to know the IP address of my device.More
Optimize   April 21, 2020  

How to remove specific Safari history items?

I believe it’s easy, but I can’t find a way to delete separate pages from Safari web browsing history.More
Optimize   April 15, 2020  

A total guide to speeding up computer performance

I'm using my computer for about a year and assume that it's still quite new - or at least it should be.More
Optimize   February 20, 2020  

How to Turn Facebook Messenger Notifications Off?

Messenger keeps beeping and getting on my nerves… I’m involved in a couple of chats that I cannot quit, but continuous message notifications are too annoying.More
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How to free up Disk space on Mac OS?

I have been struggling with my Mac's storage space for awhile now...More
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How to find your Wi-Fi password?

Hello. For many years my wi-fi was connecting to my devices automatically without any password, but I got a roommate now and have no idea what the password is or how to connect the new device to the network without it besides the Ethernet cord.More
Optimize   January 22, 2020  

How to rotate a video in Windows?

Hello. I recorded a video on my phone, but it appears that I was holding my phone wrong the whole time once I loaded the footage on the computer.More
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How to share files between computers?

Hello! I have been working in a quite big place with many computers and having the need for data transfers frequently.More
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How to Disable the MacOS Sierra Upgrade Banner Notification on the Mac App Store?

Hi guys. I’m using Mac OS Siera and think it’s really great.More
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